What is a unique baby gift? We know the importance of occasion & gift giving. A gift is the whole experience. The unboxing, reading of the personalised gift message, and that special piece made to have forever as a keepsake or to pass on to another baby. We want to make gift shopping easy for you. Here are a few tips & ideas to help you choose that perfect gift.

What to buy for a new baby?

An ideal gift for a new baby is something beautiful and functional. You can have both! A little luxury makes it that extra special. One of the most important parts of a gift is the recipient's unboxing experience.

How much should I spend?

If you are buying for a friend or a colleague, €25 - €35 is a perfect spend to say congratulations & mark the occasion. Our gift boxes start at around €25 and you can add pieces to them such as teethers or soft toys. The smaller budget gift boxes also make a great cherry on top gift if you've bought something big for a family member and want something special to hand to your loved one.

Our pre-made gift boxes go to €60 but if you add extra pieces we will package it all together at your request.

What to say for a baby gift?

We will add a handwritten note on your behalf. The option to leave a note with your order is on the cart page, just by the t&c's tick box. Popular opening phrases for notes are "Welcome to the world baby (name, and if you don't know the baby's name just use the family surname). Best wishes from (your name).

What is a unique baby gift?

For us, something unique is something the recipient won't regularly shop for. A garment with a striking design or shape, unique packaging that will make them smile...

"I designed our packaging to have a cool factor. I didn't want the packaging generic looking or overly cute. At the same time, I wanted it wholesome, ethical and a little delicate. Our classic kraft brown with white leopard print is packaging perfection for any gender. Pop in our crisp, snowy white branded tissue & a card for a special unwrapping experience..'

Nadia C, founder & designer at Fauna.ie

New baby gift delivery?

Simply put the recipient's as the shipping address if you'd like your gift sent directly. We do not include invoices or pricing in the package.

New baby gift for mom or sibling?

We've got you covered! We have a selection of baby boxes containing our signature prints, we also make clothing in matching prints for older kids. We have tops, bottoms and dresses if you'd like to match siblings. 

Match prints with a handprinted t-shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie for the parents. 

If you'd like help choosing a gift just contact us at faunakids.ie@gmail.com.

Baby gifting FAQ's Fauna Kids