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Panda Soft Toy 30cm | WWF Official Collection


The panda bear has a status of being one of the most iconic endangered species. They live in China, Eastern Asia, but only in very very small numbers. All caused by the destructions of its habitat. Saving the planet one plush at a time! The WWF Classic Collection consists of a wide range of soft lifelike plush exclusively created for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

You don't have to be a little person to love our WWF luxury super cuddly soft toys – enjoy your very own wild animal at home and support them in the wild. 

Made to the Blue Angel Standard – the highest certification for soft toys looking for benefits to health and the environment. These toys have been tested for pollutants, safety and social aspects of raw material extraction and the end product.

Size: 30cm 

Suitable for all ages/no moving parts.

Washing instructions:
Hand/surface washing with water not exceeding 30 degrees celsius.

Customer Reviews

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Fiachra O Cionnaith
Love the panda!

This was a great gift and my friend was really happy to receive it - thank you!

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