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Becoming a Young Mother

I found out I was pregnant just weeks after my 18th birthday. As you can imagine it was the last thing I wanted, having just finished school and was enjoying my life. I’ve always been a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, but at the time, I couldn’t quite understand the reason. Now, 4 years later, I have 2 little boys and I couldn’t be happier.

I, surprisingly, wasn’t looked down upon for being pregnant so young, I was still congratulated just as any other pregnant woman would have been, so far that small bit of acceptance, I was thankful. But it wasn’t always easy being pregnant so young. A lot of the friends I had, before my first pregnancy, were just friends I would see on the weekends, who would go drinking and enjoy the social life of a young adult with no responsibilities. As a result, I lost pretty much all my friends. They didn’t know how to talk to me now that we had basically nothing in common and I couldn’t socialise in their way. The only couple of friends I had remaining were not living close to me, so I didn’t get to see them very often. I was also not with my son’s father, so I didn’t get the usual type of support you would get from your partner in pregnancy. That part of my pregnancy was very lonely.



But things got better from me about 5 months into my son’s life when I met my partner who I’m with now. I finally had the support I needed, and motherhood didn’t feel so lonely anymore. I gradually started making friends again and meeting new people.

My second pregnancy was a much better and more positive experience. My partner was very supportive and I had great friends. I didn’t feel lonely at all and I was so excited for the birth of my new little boy, rather than scared, which was how I felt with my first.

Right now, I have a 3 and a year old son, Caelum and a 7 month old son, Riley. Being a young mother isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact, I see it as something positive. Yes, I didn’t get to experience the usual social life someone my age would have but my kids will be all grown up before I’m 40 and I will still be young enough to go travel the world or do anything I want. For me, being a young mother means finding that balance between being a parent and being a young girl wanting to have a laugh and a drink with her friends.



A big fear I think people have in being a young parent is that their kids will prevent them starting a career or getting their dream job. For me, having my 2 boys has only motivated me even more to start a career and better myself for them. I don’t think I would have as much motivation if it wasn’t for them. I never got to go to college before but in September I am hoping I will be going to college to study Arts. It is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I want to show my boys and everyone else I can still go to college, better myself, improve my education and still be a good mother.

Becoming a mother at such a young age is probably the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I honestly don’t think I would be in as good a position as I’m in now without my 2 boys.



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